CS4ALL Registration Is Closed, Long Live Brunswick!

Registration for the CS4ALL Pilot Program is closed. We have have 28 participants registered. Each one of these children will be empowered to express themselves, learn and have fun along the way. Each one of these children will become a part of the next generation of creators, inventors and engineers. This is happening in Brunswick because we are a kind, encouraging and generous community.

Brunswick Needs Hackers

I want to thank mayor Karin Tome and the Brunswick City Council for allowing me to present at tonight’s council meeting. I stuck around until the end of the meeting and was met with a host of supportive comments, encouragement and pledges to donate. You can donate to us by clicking here and can download the presentation slides or view them below.

Raspberry Pi 3

The Raspberry Pi 3 is here! This addition to the Raspberry Pi family offers a faster processor, on-board bluetooth and on-board wifi. Want!

Our Computer Science For All Pilot Program is for kids age 10-12. Registration is open until March 15th, 2016. More Info >>

Free Computers For Brunswick

Hi Brunswick hackers! We are charged up and ready to make a difference in our community. We will accomplish this by

  1. Creating a space for in our community where our residents can learn, share knowledge and have fun.
  2. Raising money to provide free and discounted computers to disadvantaged kids in Brunswick.

So basically we will be giving kids computers and providing them with opportunities to learn how to write code. Here are reasons why this is a good thing…

5 Reasons to Teach Kids to Code

Stay tuned!

Hello Brunswick!


Hi Brunswick Hackers! In the next few months we will be building an organization to facilitate learning, hacking and having fun. Our initial focus will be on Computer Science. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements in the coming months.