CS4ALL Resources: Session Five

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Session Details

First Thing

Sign in by 2pm. Parents please sign in, participants please get your Hackerspace Passport stamped & grab your name badge.

Power On

Power on your Pi-Top CEED, connect to the WiFi network and get ready to learn!

Try Ruby

Open up your web browser, head over to http://tryruby.org/ and get rolling!

Bookmarking A Page With CTRL+D

When you are done for the day, you can bookmark your current location.  Hit CTRL+D, select the “bookmark bar” and click “Done”.  You just bookmarked your current location.

Circuit Basics

Building A Paper Flashlight

At-Home Challenges

Using the bookmark that you made during this session, pick up where you left off.  As you are progressing if you get stuck or have any questions please ask your question over at talk.brunswickhackerspace.com and someone will help you.


Having problems? Questions? Want to connect with fellow CS4ALL participants and parents?  Leave your questions and comments on talk.brunswickhackerspace.com.  For up-to-date session and event dates and times please visit our Events page.

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