CS4ALL Resources: Session Four

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Session Details

First Thing

Sign in by 2pm. Parents please sign in, participants please get your Hackerspace Passport stamped & grab your name badge.

Things To Discuss

  • At-Home Challenges.  There has been some confusion about the At-Home Challenges.  We are specifically not using the word “homework” because (1) homework during your summer break is a real drag and (2) these are suggested focus areas…specific areas that we want to encourage participants to explore.  Completing the At-Home Challenges is not a requirement.  Don’t panic.
  • What does the Pokemon motto “we are rivals not enemies mean”?

Power On

Power on your Pi-Top CEED, connect to the WiFi network and get ready to learn!

Hacker Dossier

Participants will complete a Hacker Dossier and then step away from the computers to meet like-minded hackers.

Explore Time: Our New Forums

All questions and comments should be directed to talk.brunswickhackerspace.com.  Please log in and say hello!

Explore Time: Ruby

In this session we will be peeling back the curtain of the Kano OS and exploring the world of the terminal.  We will be exploring the programming language Ruby.

Special Guest: Machelle Lee from River And Roots Yoga

TBD http://www.rootsandriveryoga.com/

Meet The Maker: Domenico Vigliotti

Domenico Vigliotti will demonstrate his Scratch creations.

At-Home Challenges

Have fun kids…it’s summer.  Maybe talk your parents into buying you a copy of the book “Ruby Wizardry“.  If they are resistant tell them that this book will literally help you learn skills that will lead to a sweet job…which means that you can afford to put your parents in a nice home when they get really old.


Having problems? Questions? Want to connect with fellow CS4ALL participants and parents?  Leave your questions and comments on talk.brunswickhackerspace.com.  For up-to-date session and event dates and times please visit our Events page.

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