CS4ALL Resources: Session One

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Session Details

First Thing

Parents please sign in, participants please get your Hackerspace Passport & grab your name badge.

Welcome Speech

Welcome to the CS4ALL Pilot Program!!!

Demo: Brunswick Hackerspace Website

Check out our website.  You can find information on this program, a page filled with helpful links and information on how to access our Minecraft Server.

Meet The Maker

Chris Vaughn will have a table setup of his amazing Arduino-based inventions.

Demo: Slack

Slack is our venue for having conversations, asking for help and helping out our fellow participants.  It is made up of several channels…including one just for CS4ALL participants and parents.


Who doesn’t like prizes?

Before You Go

Stack your chairs, power down your computer, leave your badges and take your computer and passport.  Parents please sign your child out.

At-Home Challenges


  1. Review the Parent’s Survival Guide
  2. Verify that you and your child can access Slack


  1. Review the Participant’s Survival Guide
  2. Work with your parent to sign up for a Kano World account. Please remember to bring your username and password to future meetings.


Having problems? Questions? Want to connect with fellow CS4ALL participants and parents?  Leave your questions and comments on talk.brunswickhackerspace.com.  For up-to-date session and event dates and times please visit our Events page.

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