CS4ALL Resources: Session Three

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Session Details

First Thing

Sign in by 2pm. Parents please sign in, participants please get your Hackerspace Passport stamped & grab your name badge.

Things To Discuss

  • Rise Of The Microcontrollers Pilot Program – 2 sessions, $20
  • Tip Jar
  • Pokemon Go!
  • Limited Edition Pokemon-themed T-Shirts…coming this August…more info in next month’s mailer
  • 2 hr session, prizes, 30 minute Poke-Lure Break, Bonus time

Power On

Power on your Pi-Top CEED, connect to the WiFi network and get ready to learn!

Explore Time: Make Minecraft

This is a time for each participant to go through the suggested focus area at their own pace.  If you have any questions about the previous session’s At-Home Challenges ask now.  Staff and volunteers will be on-hand to help you if you get stuck.

Meet The Maker

Hackerspace member Don Huscha demonstrated his amazing 3D printer!


Congratulations to this week’s prize winners Nico Carpineta, Domenico Vigliotti, Elijah Knowles, Wolfgang Roettiger and Will Semenick!


Play Pokemon Go or use your computers.

A Few More Things

Bonus Explore Time

At-Home Challenges


  • Complete Make Minecraft challenges
  • Check your email (inbox and/or spam filter) for your invitation to join talk.brunswickhackerspace.com.  Sign in and say hello!  If you did not get an invitation please contact us.


Having problems? Questions? Want to connect with fellow CS4ALL participants and parents?  Leave your questions and comments on talk.brunswickhackerspace.com.  For up-to-date session and event dates and times please visit our Events page.

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