CS4ALL Resources: Session Two

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Session Details

First Thing

Sign in by 2pm. Parents please sign in, participants please get your Hackerspace Passport stamped, grab your name badge and pick up your new Pi-Top CEED!

Power On

Power on your Pi-Top CEED. When you do please wait for the filesystem to extract. This initial setup will take five minutes. Once the computer restarts, check out the fun opening experience. When you are presented with the Dashboard, please connect to the WiFi network, log in to your new computer with your Kano World account. Feel free to goof around for a few minutes while everyone gets setup.

Follow-Along Demo: Terminal Quest

Participants will explore the intricacies of the Linux terminal with a text-based adventure game. Basic Linux terminal command knowledge is a foundational skill for hackers and makers. Be sure to check out the “Linux Command Line” section of our Links page.

Explore Time: Terminal Quest

This is a time for each participant to go through the suggested focus area at their own pace.  If you have any questions about the previous session’s At-Home Challenges ask now.  Staff and volunteers will be on-hand to help you if you get stuck.

Before You Go

Stack your chairs, power down your computer, leave your badges and take your computer and passport.  Parents please sign your child out.

At-Home Challenges


  • Connect your computer to your home and/or friend’s WiFi network. WiFi networks are also available at the Brunswick Public Library and Beans In The Belfry.
  • Complete Terminal Quest
  • Update your Kano OS


Having problems? Questions? Want to connect with fellow CS4ALL participants and parents?  Leave your questions and comments on talk.brunswickhackerspace.com.  For up-to-date session and event dates and times please visit our Events page.

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