CS4ALL Resources – Computer Setup

What’s Required

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  • Pi-Top CEED with Raspberry Pi 3 (or alternative). Suitable alternatives include a Pi-Top laptop (more expensive), the Kano Complete bundle (more expensive, smaller screen, suboptimal keyboard size and layout), Any Raspberry Pi 3 paired with an HDMI monitor will also work.
  • USB Keyboard and Mouse
  • 8gb Micro SD Card with SD Card Adapter (comes with some of the kits mentioned above). Read this article for tipss on selecting the right type of Micro SD Card for your Raspberry Pi 3.
  • An SD Card Reader

Install Kano OS

  • Download the Kano OS here.
  • Follow the appropriate guide for either Mac and Windows

One More Thing

Insert the Micro SD card into the Raspberry Pi 3, power on and you are good to go!


Having problems? Questions? Want to connect with fellow CS4ALL participants and parents? Chime in on the #cs4all channel on Slack 🙂

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