Adhesives Reference Chart

Intro to LiPo Batteries

Brunswick Maryland
Brunswick Library STEM Lab
Brunswick Library Wireless Internet Access
Brunswick Farmer’s Market
Brunswick Railroad Days
Grace Episcopal Church

Computer Science
Computer Science For All (
Five Reasons To Teach Kids To Code
Hour Of Code

RetroPie emulates tons of consoles and runs great on Raspberry Pi. If you are looking for a good controller to use with RetroPie, Christopher Vigliotti recommends the Gtron Retro USB Super Classic Controller and the X-Arcade Dual Joystick .

Frederick Maryland
Frederick Linux Users Group
Python Frederick

Game Development
Pico-8, a micro game development platform that runs on just about anything (including a Raspberry Pi!).

Try Git, an excellent introduction to Git
Brunswick Hackerspace on Github


Linux Command Line
Terminal Quest. Requires a Raspberry Pi running the Kano OS.
The Linux Command Line” by William Shotts (free ebook, pdf format)

Raspberry Pi
Kano, makers of the Kano Kit, home of Kano World and the Kano OS
Lifehacker’s Always Up-To-Date Raspberry Pi Setup Guide
Our CS4ALL Computer Setup Guide
Pi-Top, makers of the Pi-Top Laptop, Pi-Top CEED and the Pi-Top OS.
Raspberry Pi Foundation (a good place for noobs to start…as is this page)
RokOS, a Raspbian variant aimed at the cryptocurrency crowd (here is a good setup guide)

Scratch 1.4
Start Here
Getting Started With Scratch 1.4
Learn to code with Scratch (an excellent, free ebook)

Adafruit (our favorite online retailer)
Fast Tech (the cheapest stuff, takes forever to get here)
Micro Center (a great, geeky store located in Rockville)

Soldering Is Easy (coloring book)