Our Minecraft Server

Please note that access to our Minecraft Server (PC/Mac only) is limited to current members of the Brunswick Hackerspace.


Requesting Access

Members please contact us and provide us with your Minecraft username.

Connection Info

Whitelisted players can connect to minecraft.brunswickhackerspace.com.

Server Details

When you first login you will be in our lobby.  Note that the lobby will be changing soon so you don’t want to build there.  To access our creative world, pull up the command line in Minecraft and type /server creative .  To access our survival world type /server survival


This is a kid-friendly server, and as such the rules are as follows:

  1. No cursing
  2. No griefing
  3. No stealing
  4. No pestering
  5. Help each other
  6. Have fun!

Rule-breakers will be banned.

Still Need Help?

Contact us.