Rise Of The Microcontrollers!

Program Overview

Learn about a different kind of electronic device. You know about computers that are good at a lot of general things but we’re going to learn about microcontrollers! These are specialized (and usually very small) computers that do one thing at a time but do it quickly and reliably.

Starting with the basics of electricity, we’ll build circuits and learn how to use the Arduino Uno microcontroller development board to make things that interact with the real world.

Setting Up Your Computer

Installing Arduino IDE on Pi-Top Kano OS (for CS4ALL participants)

Download Arduino IDE software for Windows, Mac, or Linux


NEVER put anything that isn’t a plug into an electrical outlet!
ALWAYS unplug your Arduino before making any changes to a circuit
ALWAYS double-check your circuit before you connect the power or plug in your Arduino

First Workshop

  1. Links to Get You Started
  2. Arduino and Breadboard
  3. Circuits
    1. Simple LED Circuit – Use the Arduino like a battery (no code)
    2. Arduino-Controlled LED Circuit – Blink – Your first code!
    3. Photoresistor Circuit – You’ve done output with a blinking LED. Now do input with a light-detecting photoresistor.

Try These After Your First Workshop!

  1. Potentiometer – Control the blinking speed with a knob

Second Workshop

  1. Circuits